Thursday, 23 February 2017

Some good browsers for linux

Hey to everyone there, I am going to share with you some good browsers that can help you to browse network easily in all Linux distro and as usual its completely free 
In browser s name  you will find official website to download it then lets go


By some measures, Chrome is now the king of the hill. The browser has become so powerful that you can buy a Chromebook and do most of your computing without needing another app. All of this functionality is available on Linux 

                   2- Web (Epiphany) Browser
          You can download from softpedia there

There aren’t many browsers developed explicitly for Linux. GNOME Web browser, also still known by its original name — Epiphany — is one of the older ones around. Later versions offer the best integration you will find with GNOME Shell. It lacks the add-ons found in mainstream browsers, but some users will like the minimalism, the speed, and the tab isolation that prevents one misbehaving site from crashing the entire browser.


None of the above browsers look quite at home on the KDE Plasma desktop. If visual integration is important to you, then I would suggest QupZilla. Support may not be as solid as the above browsers, but it will get you across most of the web. In the past I would have recommended rekonq, but that browser hasn’t seen a major update in a few years. QupZilla remains under steady development.

                       hope this post be helpful to you 
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