Thursday, 26 January 2017

Free online courses

Hey guys , I would like to recommend some websites that offer high level courses for free  in programming languages and algorithms , marketing , science .... all kinds of courses 
I used these websites i liked them and I hope you  will like them aswell .

Coursera  :

Coursera was  founded on 2012 and kept developing untill it became one of the biggest coursing  websites , coursera includes courses of famous universities like Stanford ,UCSanDiego  and Duke 

Udacity :

Udacity is also one of the biggest coursing websites 
its a completely coursing website that has courses built in by big companies like Google and Facebook  . I uses it to learn now  
and I think its good

Khan Academy :

Khan Academy is a website where you can learn almost everything for free like math, computer programming and chemsitry providing a world-class education I uses it aswell to learn algorithms 

Thanks for readinÄ£  and if there  are better websites write them in comments